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The Peregrines Spain/France

Just Boarding the plane at Manchester to go and join my brothers in music Grant Gordy, Joe K.Walsh and Bobby Britt aka The Peregrines. Thanks to our good friend and banjoist extrordiaire Lluis Gomez our tour will begin at Nofugrass Bluegrass Festival in Nofuentes in Spain’s Basque Country on Friday 29/07/17 then Saturday, we’ll be driving to Barcelona to play La Sonora De Garcia after a masterclass in Nofuentes. Sunday we’ll be in Sitges in Spain before heading into France to play in The Cevennes for a couple of nights. Our tour ends with a couple of sets at the fantastic La Roche Bluegrass Festival (Aug 4th & 5th) in France close to the Swiss border. Stay tuned!


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