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Interview with Grant Gordy, Joe K Walsh & Ben Somers

The guys at Corncutter Promotions (based in Norwich) wanted to ask us a few things about what’s going on musically at the moment. #BenSomers #Lessons #acousticmusic #Norwich #musicaldevelopment #timef

“Sports” a work by Grant Gordy

Whilst on tour Grant came up with tune. It went through several identity crises. It became life as “Damacles, sort (sword) of…”, then for a short time was called “Fanfare For The Fancy Man” (my favour

Grant Gordy/Joe K Walsh/Ben Somers in Norwich

We had great fun playing for the people of Norwich. Thanks to Corncutter Promotions for having us. Here’s Grant’s tune inspired by the music of the great banjo player Danny Barnes. #BenSomers #funk #N