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Private Lessons

My concept during playing and teaching is to open discussion and invite individuality and communication. I'm very happy to share anything and everything that I've picked up along the way.  

Private Lessons

My teaching and workshops focus on ensemble playing/singing, understanding the commonalities between American & European folk and jazz music, improvising on diatonic music, internalisation, harmony singing and Bluegrass/Jazz/Folk repertoire and vocabulary, along with the focus on individual instruments and their roles.

My credits include Eliza & Martin Cathy, Bruce Molsky, Darol Anger, Dr John, Taylor Swift, Seal, Dizzee Rascal, Christine Tobin, Phil Robson, Kate Williams, Gareth Lockrane

Workshops / Masterclasses

I'm willing to listen to any ideas and work remotely or together.

I have taken part in many collaborative horn section sessions where I'll take a few horns (saxes, woodwinds) and work with another musician/producer and either improvise or compose melodies on the spot and arrange them for a section composed of......lots of me,I feel I work well in the moment with immediate stimulus and response. 

I also love to work on long term projects and enjoy the luxury of the music or art being allowed to breathe.

Recent collaborations include Two Cities (Christine Tobin/Phil Robson/Josephine Davies), Darwish (album: Reclamation), Swindle (Dubstep/Grime artist with numerous recordings on Brownswood Records), Dub Colossus (Ethiopian/UK group with 3 albums on Real World Records).


I have Arranged horns, strings, vocals, ensembles and much more.

I have a degree in jazz but also have a heritage in English and American folk music.

My palate, vocabulary and understanding of different genres and their technical makeup is incredibly broad, it excites me to be introduced to new music.

I am continually writing for myself, I find this a very important part of the process of becoming a creative individual.

I have several albums of my own music and have composed many times for others.

I also enjoy working from commission and bouncing ideas off others during collaboration.

Composing / Arranging

I have a very eclectic taste and am very passionate about all kinds of music. I play in many different groups across many genres on various instruments. I lie to refer to my music as Folk Music in its broadest sense. It is for everyone and anyone

Workshops / Masterclasses
Composing / Arranging

Get in touch if you are interested in working together, have any questions about what I do or just up for a chat.

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