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Steve & Ben Somers

The father & son led group plays original and traditional Country Music, Cajun Country, Western swing and  "Americana”.

Deep-rooted and steeped in tradition yet creative and fresh.

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Ben Somers String Band

A passionate, deep and individual

musical offering representing Somers’

multitude of influences,

brought together form his

unique sound.

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Ben Somers Sextet

The Ben Somers Sextet/Quartet,

a dynamic yet energetic expression of

Somes' inspiration.


"imagine James Brown listening to

Bob Wills, walking down Bourbon St

hand in hand with Ornette Coleman".

This group features the likes of

Rob Updegraff, Steve Watts, Tim Giles,

Josephine Davies, Neil Waters, Owen Dawson,

Dave Whitford, Wil Glaser and more.

Latest from the Ben Somers Sextet